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Welcome to the new Phillip-Blair.Com!
Phillip Blair has successfully installed Plone.
Today's post: (Mon Nov 25 10:22:44 EST 2013) Plone up and running!
I'm so happy now that I've gotten Plone up and running!
Mounting a hard disk image, partitions and all
Using kpartx to automatically create mappings for partitions out of an image of a hard drive
Dreaming Big and Starting Early
The sooner you start the sooner you'll get over those failures that you're bound to encounter while you're yet inexperienced at whatever your endeavor is.
linux command: which
a command I can never remember so I'm sticking it here
Don't point!
Culture's a heck of a thing- you live with a group of people your entire life- you think you know them well enough- and then boom! they throw you a curve straight out of left field!